Juliet Strain Review – A Cut Above, Denver

Sativa Hunter December 20, 2012 0
Juliet Strain Review – A Cut Above, Denver
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Name: Juliet (Cindy 99 x NYCD)
From: ACA – A Cut Above
Type: Sativa
Price: $150 an OZ on special

What do you get when you cross the “Holy Grail” with the best pot on the east coast? No its not eternal life, its Juliet. A Cut Above was running a $150 oz special. With Juliet’s sex appeal it was hard to pass up. Juliet is like the daughter of two top scientists or athletes. She has a lot to live up to. Cinderella 99, the mother, is referred to as the “holy grail” of sativas, because of its heavy crystallization and a short flower time (60 days).   While New York City Diesel, the father, is regarded as some of the best pot ever. What results is a quick finishing, above average yielder that has the sativa sex appeal without sacrificing density of flower.

The A Cut Above staff  is friendly and knowledgeable. Not far from DU and other major areas their prices are fair too. This dispensary was also featured for its BHO extraction machine in High Times. Which is one of the best in the area. The bud came in bags, since it was an oz. Though they did split it in four halves without complaint. That way I could portion my bud for the week. Have more, smoke more, watch out weed!

Juliet is a sea of mantis green, awash with sparkling light glinting off of its trichy waters. The buds stack like its diesel father and trich out like its mom, Cindy. This weed isn’t as tight as a straight diesel and opens like a baby hand. NYCD is famous for its red grape smell and taste. The red grape smell comes out stronger than a drag car. Its predominantly what I smell and that’s fine with me. After a few sniffs sweet dry moss surfaces as well as a floral finish. I understand why humming birds love their life with flowers like these.

The flavor is sweet and fragrant. Three different words came to mind as a smoked this bud. Pink, Cotton, Candy. Again I smoked this bud, and what I got was something sweet and fragrant. As I got to the bottom of the bowl I received a rather fishy finish. I mean fishy, as in fish. I had a similar complaint about the other bud on the same special, Breeder Steve Sweet Skunk. The high makes me visually hallucinate in my peripheral. It comes in waves and rolls through my body like a mini tide. I would say this bud might be good for pain relief, anxiety, relief of tension or stress. Good for after a hard days work.

If you’re getting medicine for $18.75 an eighth, you get what you pay for. Good, well trimmed pot that has a little bit of fish emulsion left in the flower.  So if you want good bud, at a fair price, then roll on down to A Cut Above. If you’re an organic purist, then this place may not be for you. Juliet is a sexy girl, though you should probably use a rubber.  Sativa Hunter over and out.

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