Mile High Medical Cannabis

Getz November 17, 2010 2

Address: 1705 North Federal Boulevard Denver, CO
Hours: 10am – 9pm 7 Days Per Week

I had just left my normal medicine shop on Federal and spotted this little MMJ Center right before I was to get on Colfax and head home for the day. Flipping the car around real quick, I decided to stop into Mile High Medical Cannabis and see what they had going on inside. The first thing that you notice as you approach this place is that it is attached to a family Mexican restaurant! I was a kind of oddly uncomfortable walking through the parking lot and get a disapproving look from someones grandma as I was getting ready to buy herb. I guess at most places I have been to before I have not run into any non-dispensary going folks as I was entering so it threw me off for a moment.

Walking into the center I was presented with a cluttered waiting room and a counter area that was wrapped in glass. The place seemed to be a bit of a mess. I was the only person in there and didn’t even see any sign of an employee but decided to fill out the sign in sheet that was on the counter anyways. Just as I finished that a man came around the corner and had me hand him my paperwork- he looked it all over and let me in through another door into the main part of the shop.

Mile High Medical Cannabis’s main room is a long narrow area that is simple yet cozy. Warm colors and classic Rock n Roll on the radio had this place feeling more like a headshop than a doctors office and I was okay with that. Sometimes the sterile/clinical feel is just a bit too bland for me. This place carries the full line of Annie’s Edibles, a selection of glass pipes, local hip-hop CDs, joints and about 8 big jars of herb. Also, you can see 3 plants growing at various stages and pickup clones which range from $10 – $25 depending on the size. Cannabis prices for 1/8ths varied from $35 for outdoor bud to $60 for the top shelf. Buying medicine for $60 an 1/8th these days is becoming really hard for me to justify since the selection around town is so great and since competition has brought prices down- I had to skip out and just grab a pre-rolled joint of the Lemon Skunk. Watch out though, if you are not a member they will charge you $9 for a top shelf pre-roll!

Overall I was content with my experience at Mile High Medical Cannabis. Maybe the neighborhood had me expecting worse but it was tolerable for sure. The prices were a bit too high for my liking and one of the staff members was really unprofessional and honestly, kind of creepy. Oh well though, they can’t all be the best!

Note: Upon further research I found out that this dispensary is under new management as of only a few weeks ago. Taking that into consideration I would be interested in stopping back in for a visit in a month or two and see what they have done with the place.

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  1. Joseph J. Morales July 29, 2011 at 9:06 pm - Reply


    I am a Totally Disabled Injured Worker from New York State, with a Severe Lung Disease & Back Injury(13 herniated Lumbar, Thoracic & Cervical Discs with nerve impingement/damage & 5 Compression Fractures) from a criminally negligent ex-employer. I am in Excruciating Pain 24/7. I am on massive doses of Morphine, Fentynal and many other muscle relaxers & other meds., that still don’t treat all of my symptoms.

    I am truly sick of anti-cannabis Laws in NY & many other states in the U.S. that discriminate against Medical Marijuana. Medical Cannabis should be legal to anyone who suffers from a catastrophic injury/illness.

    I pray for Laws to be changed in NY because I truly believe I could benefit from some of the products displayed on your web-site.

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